Shame On President Barrow & Shame On The System

Shame On President Barrow & Shame On The System
By Saidina Alieu Jarjou
I write this piece with a heavy heart and mixed feeling on the recent tragedy and calamity that took the cream of our society. It could be recalled that during the 2016 presidential campaign Barrow mentioned that when he is voted into the office of the presidency “Back Way” will be a thing of the past. He blamed Jammeh for being the reason why our youth take the most dangerous route via the Mediterranean Sea as per his dictatorial policies been the driving component.
It is unfortunate that his era has opened another new door for the youth to leave our motherland. The youth are not hopeful of the future, no job opportunities the economy has also been raped which make it difficult for those willing to stay to embark on small scale business. Not forgetting the tax rate too.
However, this should be an awakening call to the young people including myself. It is unfortunate that we have been used by these visionless politicians as a tool, only to be singing and clapping for them while they spew garbage. It is not doubted that Barrow himself has no trust in the young people of the Gambia. The composition of his Cabinet is a clear example. Besides, the last time I checked the Minister of Youth and Sports is a pensioner.
After the announcement of the demise of over 100 youth who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, one could expect Barrow to end his so-called meet the Farmers tour. What is more important to the president than his youth who represents over 60% of the total population?
The system has also been bastardize thanks to the greedy and selfish technocrats who are also busy looting our resource. I lost many classmates to the Mediterranean Sea, many complained about the system failure. Access to jobs has also been “mbokanize” that leads many to be hopeless. Still, pensioners are occupying positions where the youth should be.
Furthermore, I submit to all young people to boycott all Barrow’s event, and we reflect on the challenges we are confronted with while we work on the way forward. We have to wake up from the slumber, it has been so long till date we the young people of The Gambia are ignored.
While I pray to Allah may Jannah be the final resting place for all the departed souls. Amen!
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