Barrow Calls On Political Actors To Rally Behind His Gov’t

As the Meet-The-People’s Tour entered Saturday its final round, President Adama Barrow called on all political parties to rally behind his government, and work together for a common goal.
“It is important for all political parties to work together for the benefits of Gambians,” said the Gambian leader in a mega political meeting held at Buffer Zone in Talinding.
President Barrrow ended Sunday his two-week long tour across the length and breadth of the country, during which he was able to take the pulse of the people and have a clear information about the implementation of government projects. The Banjul rally draws the curtain on what he called so far “the most important tour” he ever experienced.
The Gambian leader further indicated that he expects all of them to play their partition in the country’s development process.
“Being an opposition member does no mean you cannot play your role in society,” he said. But he was quick to add: “Opposition is not all about mere political rhetoric. We need action, not empty words. Action is the best political expedient in the world!”
Barrow reminded other political party leaders that they all belong to one Gambia, which is bigger than any of them.
“As Gambians, we are bound to develop our country. We have to take our destiny in own hands.”
He then called on the opposition, civil society groups, pressure groups to assert their place in the country’s affairs.
Barrow reaffirmed his commitment to making sure that they will lay a solid foundation for the future of the country, saying it will not only strengthen the democratic system but also will create a leveled playing field in the political arena.
In an attempt to energise his political base, President Barrow commended the people in the KMC for coming out in their numbers.
Other speakers included Tourism Minister Hamat Bah, Dembo “by force”, Fatoumata Jawara, Kebba Jallow of the PPP… They all expressed satisfaction about President Barrrow’s leadership qualities, urging supporters to close ranks as major hurdles are lying ahead…

Written by Abdoulie John

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