MP Fatoumatta Jawara has teared the leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe apart. Speaking at a rally held at Buffer Zone, Ms. Jawara spitted on Darboe’s face—branding him as a certified alcoholic and drunkard. He called on Gambians to turn their back on Darboe. She said Darboe is a betrayer, who is only interested in using people for his own political gains.

Ms. Jawara was expelled from the UDP together with seven UDP MPS. She and her colleagues were accused of shifting their allegiance to President Adama Barrow.

Ms. Jawara said her expulsion was politically motivated. She added that Darboe wanted to use her and her colleagues to vote against a supplementary bill that was geared towards helping to evacuate the Cuban doctor from Cubas; to pay the retired former Jammeh workers; among other pressing state matters. Jawara and her colleagues voted in favor of the bill for the budget to be approved. This, she said, doesn’t go down well with Darboe.

“If Darboe thinks that now he has someone, who can wash his old underwear for him, that’s up to him. We have been there for him and the party yesterday. He is betrayer. Do not mind such an alcoholic and a drunkard,” Ms. Jawara remarked.

She says Darboe’s goal was to disrupt Barrow’s government by encouraging them to vote against the supplementary bill. She also denied allegations that she had been bought by Barrow.

According to Ms. Jawara, Darboe is an ungrateful politician. She said Darboe had betrayed all the people, who assisted him and his party to prosper. He cited the likes of Dodou Sano, Unda Nyang, and Lamin Cham.

Ms. Jawara said she is a victim of political harassment. She accused the UDP supporters of insulting her parents.

Darboe has issued a Whatsup audio shortly after the Barrow Buffer Zone meeting. He called on his supporters and family to refrain from reacting to Ms. Jawara’s “insults” against him. He said he would let God to decide between him and Fatoumatta Jawara.

“My daughter Ya Adam is older than her. Even my son Numukunda is older than her. She took to the stage insulting me. She was hyped by the crowd that was clapping for her.  I am calling on my supporters to ignore her. God is going to decide between me and Fatoumatta Jawara,” Darboe said.

Ebrima Dibba, a close associate of Ousainou Darboe, also supported Darboe’s decision to for the UDP supporters to ignore Ms. Jawara. Dibba said the allegations Ms. Jawara made against Mr. Darboe are false and unfounded. He said Darboe is not a drunkard. He added that Adama Barrow, Dembo Byforce Bojang, Dodou Sano, Lamin Cham and co can confirm that Darboe is not a drunkard.

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