GDC’s MC Cham Accuses MP Fatoumatta Jawara of Insulting Ousainou Darboe

I strongly condemn the insults publicly made by Hon Fatoumata Jawara of Tallinding , against the UDP leader, Hon  Ousainou Darboe and his family yesterday during the president’s meeting at the Buffer Zone.
This is nasty politics and should not be encouraged in any way.
 President Barrow himself should have condemned the act.
One reason why we formed the inter party Committee is to avoid such nasty politics. The inter party Committee agreement was signed by all party leaders to avoid such attacks and violence.
 President Barrow himself is abusing tax payers money by organizing such a meeting to attack personalities instead of meeting the people to know their concerns.
Hon. Jawara should know that she is a Parliamentarian and by virtue of her position she is a role model. Therefore she is expected to behave maturely but not otherwise.
We need politics of ideas and tolerance but not politics if vengeance and personal attacks. Hon. Jawara should have used the meeting to talk about the problems faced by the residents of her Constituency but not to attack personality.
MC Cham Jnr
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