The three years jotna protest march is going to be held outside SerreKunda and Banjul. It begins from Sting Corner to the outskirt of Denton Bridge. In other words, the protest is going to be held outside community zones. Its organizers had accepted the police’s conditions stipulated for the permit.

To some, it was silly on the part of the three years jotna’s leadership for them to accept such a permit from the police. Critics argue that it makes no sense for the three years jotna group to protest in the bushes. That, the goal of the protest would be defeated if the protesters would not be allowed to converge in community areas.

The aforementioned arguments are germane. Protest marches are never held in bushes. They are held in public places. Unless, the three years jotna wants to tell Gambians that the proposed protest march was meant to target the attention of animals around Sting Corner and in the mangroves at Denton Bridge.

Arguably, the  Barrow government is the winner here. The regime was able to control the narrative during the talks to issue a permit to the protesters. Lack of education on the side of some members of the three years, can be attributed to such dumbfounded deal.

It is important to note that the three years jotna folks, who met the Inspector General of police, the Interior Minister, the State Intelligence Services Director, and the Information Minister are not that very educated. If they were, they wouldn’t have settled for such a stupid permit agreement.

It is also worthy to note that desperation had also driven them to accept such a deal from the police. it seems that they couldn’t believe that they were accorded such an audience by the authorities.

Yanks Darboe, by average, is an educated Gambian. He is one of those behind the three years jotna. The rest around Yanks are semi literates or had not necessarily been schooled. But that’s not an excuse for them not to use commonsense in their dealings with the police.

Protest marches such as the proposed three years jotna largely can go south since its organizers had proven that they are unable to employ sensible decisions during their meetings with government representatives. It is laughable for them to accept a permit to protest in the bush.

We hope and pray that the protest would end up well as envisaged. So, far, what we are hearing is not good for The Gambia. These are people, who used to support President Barrow, and had now decided to renounce their support for Barrow. They come from different opposition parties—with the United Democratic Party (UDP’S) supporters forming the majority of the protesters.

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