It is going to eight weeks now since we stopped have regular water supply in our homes and yet none of the authorities concerned have been sincere enough to come out and tell Gambians what is the real problem for the water supply, not even the President. The acute water shortage is experienced in everywhere affecting the entire GBA area, Everyday scores and scores of people are going round looking for water and the saddest thing about it all is that the new MD of NAWEC is said to be an expert in water production and management. but it seems the water problem started at such an alarming rate when he took over as MD.

We are told that the distribution of water to the many water tanks spreading across the country is where the problem lies. They say all most all the water tanks are either damaged or not fit to be used for storage anymore and as such the supply is being carried out directly from the production plant at Sukuta to the consumers by passing  the tanks or bore holes. If this is the problem why is it taking NAWEC two months to fix it.
We are tired of excuses and excuses.. It is time for Adama Barrow to do something drastic before its too late. The Minster of Energy and the Head of NAWEC must be held accountable. This is becoming a national embarrassment..
Thank you Mr. Mbai for publishing our concerns
Concerned Citizens.
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