Sabally Urges Young People to Vote for Change


Sabally Urges Young People to Vote for Change 

Former Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, Momodou Sabally has urged Gambian youths to do everything within their democratic rights to make sure there is a change of government in the next general elections. 

Sabally made these remarks as he addressed youths at the Sannehmentereng Bureau of the UDP in Brufut under the aegis of a group called the UDP Human Rights Wing.

Addressing the gathering that included opinion leaders from the surrounding settlements, Sabally decried the lack of opportunities for young people in New Gambia and opined that the current administration does not accord the young people the due priority and seriousness that their situation deserves. He then warned the youths that if this administration is allowed another mandate, their suffering  would be further compounded to their own detriment.

He touted the new level of commitment and determination of Gambian youths in the evolution of our politics in this era and urged them to maintain that momentum while ensuring respect for the laws of the country. 

He however did not mince his words as he emphatically urged the youths to make sure that they take every step necessary to vote out the current administration which he accused of hijacking the people’s revolution and handing a popular mandate fought for by the poor and downtrodden to the bourgeoise. He averred that the Barrow administration has been hijacked by the mafia to the detriment of the poor and vulnerable whose voting power ushered in the change in 2016.

Sabally went on to tout the leadership style and character of the UDP’s Secretary General and Party Leader Lawyer Ousainou Darboe and urged the young people to emulate his character and follow his guidance as the UDP consolidates its dominance both in the Gambia and the diaspora. He further urged the youths to make sure that in the process of rewriting our national statutes, the wrongs and  injustices of the past are not further entrenched by what he called “malicious agents who may want to disenfranchise certain individuals and groups using the obnoxious legal relics of a system hitherto accused of flagrant injustice and abuse of judicial process”.

“Power belongs to the people, and if democracy is anything to go by then the wishes and aspirations of the majority should prevail at the end of the day in a fair and sane system” he asserted.

The meeting was attended by scores of young people in Brufut and the surrounding villages, and presided over by town elders Ba Jamba Bojang, Omar Bojang, the Ward Councillor, and other UDP stalwarts in the Sannehmentereng Constituency.


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