The Leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe cannot win elections in view of the current political settings in The Gambia. Darboe’s aspiration of becoming Gambia’s next President is doomed. This is largely attributable to his power struggle with Adama Barrow. His party has now become a fragmented political party. Adama Barrow has hijacked the UDP party. This will come to reality once polls are organized.

Within the UDP, Barrow has been rated as an underdog. The party is foolishly entertaining the notion that Barrow is not their match politically. But there is a rude awakening for them.

There is what we call here in The Gambia, politics of the BELLY. Politics of the BELLY is something real. Most voters support candidates based on how much they could get from a given candidate. For Darboe to win elections in The Gambia, he should be able to provide jobs, and food for his supporters and non-supporters. Hence, that is why when he was part of the current administration, he decided to hire his party supporters, including supporters of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorial rule.

As we speak, Darboe is no longer working for that government. His party is increasingly running out of cash. This is evident on the UDP’s apparent lack of political rallies. The party can barely afford to finance a political rally nowadays, unlike when Darboe and his colleagues were in the government.

Money runs politics in Africa and Europe. It shapes the political dynamic of a given country.

There are many hungry people in The Gambia and Darboe is not an exception. He has no regular income to sustain him. His party is funded by his supporters. And there are no billionaires among his Gambian support base.

Keep in mind that Adama Barrow is running a corrupt government. It is an irrefutable fact that Barrow is using the country’s financial assets and resources at his disposal to sell himself politically. He often takes credit of projects financed by the state to glorify himself.

It was not long ago, that some new buses were imported into the country, and his supporters claimed that these were Barrow buses. And some people on the ground and overseas are buying the story. If underrated, he might stay here for a longtime.

Another problem facing the UDP, is the recent emergence of the new political parties. Most of these parties’ supporters came from the existing registered political parties. They are either from the UDP, NRP, GDC, NCP, and other parties.

Conversely, one can safely argue that each time a new party is formed, UDP’s support base is declining. The UDP used to form the majority and as such upcoming parties would use them as a scouting ground to attract support base.

The BB Darboes, the Dr. Lamin Bojangs, the Amadou Kantehs, the Adama Barrow’s just to name a few secured their support base from the registered political parties. The UDP is Gambia’s political basket to form parties. It is an open grab party to form parties.

The UDP can only be effective in The National Assembly for now. This was recently manifested in the rejection of Bubacarr Suwareh’s nomination as the Ombudsman. The House said Suwareh lacks the required qualifications to head that important office.

Suwareh is a career educationist. He was the parental guardian for the Government Spokesman Ebrima G Sankareh, when Sankareh was attending school in the Numis. In fact, Sankareh has named one of his sons after Mr. Suwareh.

Suwareh was brought in by Barrow; hoping that Suwareh can head that institution, which requires a legal background to effectively function there. Someone recommended him to Barrow.

If Barrow can falsely claimed to be a bush lawyer in one of his recent interviews with Seedy Ceesay’s Katcha program on QTV, what else do you expect? He thought that him (Barrow) winning tenancy related dispute cases, could earn him the professional title of a Lawyer. He even claimed that he used to represent other litigants in court.

That said, it is important for the UDP and Barrow’s political opponents to understand that politics of self-mystification is a reality in The Gambia. Barrow is using the media, artists, farmers, educationists, and lawyers to pursue his political dream.

For now, Darboe’s prospects of winning an election is next to nil. He can only win by miracle.

Forming an alliance with other parties might not necessarily earn him a way to the State House. The fact is: Gambians are not comfortable with Darboe heading this country. Many are of the view that a Darboe Presidency, could plunge this nation into instability. Darboe’s political future is bleak.

It was wrong for Darboe to emerge from jail to kill the Coalition government. He embraced Barrow for the wrong reasons. And today, he is dancing to the tune of being dishonest politically.

For one to say that Darboe has regretted blindly supporting Barrow, is an understatement. Barrow is no longer their Barrow. Stop supporting politicians because of money and positions. We rest our case.

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