Mai Fatty, the leader of the opposition Gambia Moral Party (GMC) has called on Gambian voters not to vote for him if they support a secular state. Fatty has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t need votes from Gambian voters, who are in support of  form of secular state. Fatty, who was speaking in an interview with a Gambian reporter, said he is strongly opposed to secular state in The Gambia. He warns against the inclusion of any secularity clause in the newly proposed constitution—claiming that it would be an affront to the Islamic religion that he (Fatty) believes in. He claimed that it is also going to diminish the Muslim faith.

“I am a Muslim. I am not going to hide about my faith. I respect all faiths. I have no problem with people worshiping what they believe in. We are opposed to secular state in any form. It is wrong for others to call for the demolition of mosques constructed in government offices and state institutions,” Fatty remarked.

“I do not want secularism in this country. I am strongly opposed to secularism. If my statement angers any voter, please do not vote for me. I do not need your vote. I am opposed to secularism. For those supporting or advocating for secularism, do not buy their claims. All what they have been saying are lies. If secularism is introduced in this country, it would have a negative impact on Islam.  It is also going to affect other faiths, including Christianity. We are not going to accept secularism in The Gambia,” Fatty posited.

Fatty is a Gambian lawyer. He has called on the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) to refrain from including any clause in the new constitution that would designate The Gambia as a secular state. Fatty vows that his party is going to  do everything in its means to ensure that The Gambian will not become a secular state. He says a secular state is not good for The Gambia.

Fatty has support the construction of mosques in government offices. He calls out those advocating for the demolition of such worshiping structures as misguided people.

It would be recalled that the former PPP leader Omar Amadou Jallow (OJ) recently called for the demolition of mosques constructed in government facilities. Jallow opined that such a move was discriminatory to The Gambian Christian population.

A PPP MP Touma Njie had also called for the demolition of mosques. Both Touma and OJ were attacked by Imam Abdoulie Fatty for making what Fatty called such an irresponsible and ungodly statements.

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