“We are ready to die but we are not going to allow gay marriage in this country. The marriage provision contained in the proposed constitution is vague. It doesn’t clearly define marriage. We are Muslims; we are opposed to gay marriage. A marriage should be between a man and a woman,” Mai Fatty, the Leader of The Gambia Moral Party remarked. Fatty was speaking in an interview with a Gambian reporter.

“If the marriage provision is not properly fixed, it is going to create problems in the future. Based on what is contained in the proposed constitution, one can interpret it as a provision that legalizes gay marriage. The provision is vague. We are not going to allow gay and lesbian marriage in this country. We are ready to launch a strong campaign against it if the marriage is not properly defined. If it means sacrificing our lives, we are ready to do it. We are ready to die. We will not accept gay marriage in The Gambia,” Fatty added.

Fatty, who spoke in the local Mandinka dialect, said his party is going to engage the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) so that the matter can be amicably resolved. He praised the CRC for coming up with what he called “a good constitution.” But he said he had strong reservations against the marriage provision contained in the proposed draft constitution. Fatty says the new constitution is better that the 1997 constitution. He called on Gambians to oppose gay marriage.

Fatty also used the interview to call on President Adama Barrow to respect the three years transitional agreement he had agreed with his coalition government partners. Fatty said if he was in Barrow’s position, he was going to resign at the end of the three years rule and organize fresh elections.

“It was Barrow who promised that he was going stay in power for three years. He is now invoking the constitution to renege from his promise. If he had honored his promise, he was going to be respected globally. I for one, cannot make such a promise and renege from it,” Fatty said.

He added that Barrow’s legacy is going to be defined based on his actions.

“We cannot force him to resign. The constitution gave him a five year mandate. The honor now lies on him to respect his promise to The Gambian people,” Fatty remarked.

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