SSHFC MD Manjang Wants A Five Day Study Tour Leave To Ghana—Leaked Document Reveals


The MD of the SSHFC Muhammed Manjang wants the State House to grant him five days study tour to Ghana, per a document signed by one of his subordinates Hadijtou Hydara Sanyang. The study tour had to do with Ghana’s National Insurance Trust.  The Permanent Secretary at the State House is going to decide as to whether travel clearance would be granted or not.

Insiders at the SSHFC are calling on the corrupt Barrow government to deny Manjang’s travel request.
“The authorities must not give this man this approval to travel to Ghana for a so-called study tour which is meant for junior officers by all standard… believe me Pa, he just want to use state and the Corporation’s resources to go and whine and dine with that girl of his Isha Bayo in Ghana,” one insider alleges.
“Could you imagine since this girl plunged the Corporation into crisis by Manjang unjustifiably sending her to Ghana on that collosal amount of money, the office hasn’t been receiving the girl’s performance reports from her studies… isn’t this insane my brother?” The insider angrily asked.
Manjang was on vacation prior to the new year.  He is on contract.  It is not clear if his employment contract would be renewed or not.
“Right now, Manjang’s contract is almost expiring in a month and it’s highly likely that it won’t be renewed but he is doing all he could to get a renewal of a new one…this is the more reason why he waited until the end of the contract to give GTSC that loan they used for procurement of those new fleet of buses which  he used with Sidi to politically undermine HE Barrow by publishing that on the UDP TV and Media and making it a non affiliated president Barrow project but him Manjang’s work..,” the insider further claimed.
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