Another new political party is about to be registered in The Gambia. The party’s name is: Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD), Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The leader of the ADD Party, is Malick Camara, a law student at the University of The Gambia. Mr. Camara is believed to be 44 years of age. He is expected to finish his law studies next year. He is widely known as Chief Justice at the UTG law faculty.

The formation of the ADD party has been conceived about one and half year ago, according to sources familiar with the story. Some of the party’s founding members mainly hailed from Farafenni, and elsewhere across the country.

Mr. Camara is being groomed as the party’s flag bearer in the upcoming 2021 elections. Camara is a former teacher.  He has been addressing his followers and supporters via the party’s “salvage Gambia” WhatsApp chatgroup.

According to Camara, the ADD party, is going to be a political with a difference. The ADD party, he says, is determined to transform The Gambia as a developed state if voted into office.

Revamping the country”s education sector is high on their agenda. This he went on, includes the introduction of polytechnic colleges in the length and breadth of the country.

Access to an advanced education has been limited in both the second and third republic, he said. Camara opines that there cannot be meaningful development in the absence of an educated nation. Under his leadership, he said, The Gambia would be transformed as a nation of qualitative educational structures.

The ADD party has been operating on the down low. The party wants to reunite the country; end tribal bigotry, restore national respect; Gambia’s sovereignty, create a diverse national government and also combating corruption.

Malick Camara is also not happy with the way and manner the current Barrow and previous Jammeh administrations handled the country’s agricultural sector. He thinks that this important sector has been neglected.

“Agriculture is in shambles. It is no longer the backbone of the economy. Tourism has replaced agriculture. If the agricultural sector is given the attention it deserves, there would be food self-sufficiency in The Gambia,” he said.

Under an ADD government, he said, agriculture is going to be revamped. He thinks that The Gambia should be able to grow the food her people eats, and eventually become a food exporting nation.

Camara is also concerned about the plight of Gambian youths. He said Gambian youths are leaving the country in pursuit of greener pasture, through the perilous back way journey to Europe. This he says, was due to lack of jobs in the country. He added that it is sad that our young ones are dying in the Mediterranean sea because there is lack of hope for them in The Gambia.

The security sector is also high on his party’s agenda. An ADD government he said, is going to ensure that retired members of the security services are properly taken care of after retirement.

“It is sad that our Lt. Colonels, and Majors are taking up employment in the private security sector after retiring from the force. There are no programs to incorporate them into the Civil Service after retirement.  What is wrong with us? Some of them wouldn’t want to go on retirement because they are not sure that they would be able to secure employment after the tenure of their services. That’s why they do not want to retire,” he said.

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