The expelled APRC members are fighting back. Ebrima Kittim Jarju and Nabou Saho had rejected the party’s claims that they have been expelled from the APRC. Both Kittim and Nabou maintained that they are still staunch supporters of the APRC. The duo insisted that it is only their “supreme leader” Yahya Jammeh, who can expel them from the party and “not the discredited and dubious APRC leadership under Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s watch.”

Speaking to Freedom Radio Gambia’s Civic Education show, Mr. Jarju described their expulsion letter bearing the tittle of the party’s Deputy Spokesman Dodou Jah as a joke. Jarju said the letter wasn’t signed and it lacks credibility.

Jarju added that as far as he is concerned, he is still a member of the APRC.

“Fabakary Tomong Jatta cannot expel me from the APRC. He doesn’t have such powers. The only person, who can expel me from the APRC is Yahya Jammeh. He is our supreme leader and the party’s founding father. I haven’t heard from Yahya Jammeh. I am treating their announcement as utter rubbish and nonsense,” Jarju remarked.

Jarju said he had been speaking to Yahya Jammeh for a period of six months. He added that he was selected by Jammeh to help run the affairs of the party together with Jatta and co.

“It has been a while that I haven’t spoken to Jammeh. We have been talking in the past. Unless, I receive a notice from Jammeh, stating that I have been expelled from the APRC, I will not leave the party. I am still an APRC supporter. If there should be any expulsion, Fabakary and co should be expelled. They have proven to be total  liabilities to the party,”he said.

Kittim Jarju has accused Fabakary Tomong Jatta and his Executive team of using the party for their own personal gains. He said Jatta has reduced himself as an apologist of President Adama Barrow. He added that the APRC is no longer an effective opposition party–thanks to Fabakary’s open endorsement of Barrow’s leadership.

“I do not have faith and trust in Fabakary and his team. They are out to appease Adama Barrow. He has reduced the party as an extension of Adama Barrow’s camp. He showed up to welcome Barrow during his tour. The APRC is not a vibrant opposition party under Fabakary’s leadership. These folks are not committed to elevating the party. They wine and dine with Barrow,” he remarked.

Ebrima Kittim Jarju, and four others have been expelled from the APRC. This followed claims by the APRC that the expelled members had been making unfounded allegations against their leader Mr. Jatta. This followed allegations that Barrow had allegedly promised the APRC leadership D40 million dalasis if the party rally its support behind him. Jatta and his colleagues have denied the allegations.

Jarju said the APRC under the leadership of Fabakary Tomong Jatta is a total failure. He said Jatta has no game plan to advance the party’s support base. He said the Jatta and co have been preoccupied on selling “Asobis” to raise funds for themselves.

“This is a party that is not democratic. If anyone challenges them on the party’s operational activities and finances, they would brand the person as an enemy. There is no accountability under Fabkary’s leadership. As party members, we reserve the right to agree and disagree with them on issues. But they do not want any dissent in the party,” he alleged.

For her part, Nabou Saho, also said that only Yahya Jammeh can expel him from the APRC. She accused Fabakary and his team of witch-hunting them. She singled out Ousman Jatta, AKA Rambo Jatta, during her phone in call to our radio show. She alleged that Jatta has been using other members of the party to insult them online.

Gibril Fadia, an APRC official also phoned in during the show. He confirmed the expulsion of Jarju, Nabou and co from the party.

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