Dictator Yahya Jammeh has  mocked the TRRC’s “Never Again campaign” during his phone conversation with his supporters on Friday. He says despite The Gambia’s obsession with the “Never Again campaign”,  the Barrow government has woefully failed to cure sick Gambians; resulting to what he called “the unfortunate death of many Gambians.” Jammeh says such deaths could have been prevented, if the health sector he left behind was properly taken care of.  Jammeh even tried to compare the atrocities committed during his rule and the current death toll being recorded in Barrow’s administration due to lack of proper medication for the sick. He said Gambians are currently dying like rats under Barrow’s rule.

“I hear stories of Never Again, but in my time, I am not saying many were not dying in the hospital; there was enough medicine; Senegal used to come to The Gambia for treatment; the Farafenni hospital; the APRC hospital, you will see them there; go to Basse; our health system was the best and the cheapest. Now even pregnant women whose husbands can afford it had to go to Senegal to have a safe delivery. People are dying. Now going to the hospitals; apart from the private hospitals , is a death sentence,” Jammeh remarked.

Jammeh reassured his supporters that the country would one day emerge from what he called such a “rising death toll.” He wouldn’t explain what plans he has to fix the decayed health sector. He has blamed the coalition government for the current health challenges facing the country.

Jammeh noted that even rats and cats were safe during his rule. He said under Barrow’s rule, people are dying like cats.

“It is going to end. And Gambians would forget this one day. This is just a period of Allah saying to us that when we deviate and abandon our religion and when you have religious leaders being afraid of telling the truth and they are brave to tell lies; this is what happened. A country of insults; human sacrifice; people dying like frogs,” Jammeh remarked.

“When I was there, even frogs were safe. I am not bragging. I am telling the truth. That was why I put lights everywhere. Frogs could cross the highway and they would not be hit. When I was there, how many times did you see a cat being killed by a vehicle? Now people are dying worst than rats. May the almighty Allah cleanse The Gambia thoroughly; get rid of all evil intentions. Let the Almighty Allah cleanse our hearts thoroughly so that we love each other, support each other, protect each other and work for each other for the development of the country, for the benefit of all,” Jammeh added.

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