Looming Disaster Warning: GPA Rams Are About To Collapse!


Looming disaster at both ends of ferry terminals of Barra and Banjul. The RAMS are about to collapse and staff on the ground are continuously alerting GPA Management to no avail.

If either Rams go out it will cost GPA at minimum D5 million per week. It is better to fix a seeming problem than a total collapse that will endanger lives and properties.

This GPA MANAGEMENT is clueless and a big sabotage to New Gambia with corrupt people like HAlli Gai being recycled to the detriment of the progress of the ferries. He has spent over GMD20 MILLIONS on ferry maintebances that do not yield any progress. They poured Millions into JOHE FERRY but is still scrap after just three vouyages. Investigate further.

By A Concerned Gambian

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