MC Cham Comments On The Three years and Five years Protest Marches


As conflicting actors, the social movement “3 years Jotna” and the Political movement “Barrow for 5 years” already by definition challenge each other’s legitimacy. One has to think hard to understand why would Barrow for 5 years have to counter protest ?

The answer is, political conflict for legitimacy challenges is on Barrow for 5 years due to the morality and legality that constituted the Coalition 2016 led by President Barrow as a standard bearer. Their arguments do not take into account that “legitimacy bolsters authority” and the crowd already anti-establishment even though crowds mobilized by both camps are concerning, the “3 years jotna” outweighs the Barrow for 5 years who are for the incumbent with the powers and the available resources.

The current administration should therefore take into consideration and analyze empirical processes of legitimizing by addressing the people’s concerns of the Coalition agreement instead of delegitimation of the “3 years jotna”. Protest beyond the law, is not a departure from democracy, it is absolutely essential to it. I must remind that, the Former US President J.F. Kennedy once said, “those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable “

As I called for before, the President should come down from his high horse and be the “bigger person” as the highest officer and public servant in the country and called for a dialogue with the appropriate stakeholders to avoid further conflict. This political conflict for the past three years is affecting both tangible and intangible development indicators in the Gambia.

Mc Cham Jnr

“God Save the Gambia”

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