The Director General of The Gambia’s Food Safety and Quality Authority of The Gambia (FSQA), Zainab Jallow today Friday January 17, 2020,  issued dismissal letters to some staff who filed a petition against her.

This decision came two days after the staff conducted a press conference at the FSQA office premises briefing the media about the on-going saga at the country’s only food safety body.

In 2019, a greater percentage of the authority’s staff petitioned their boss. Shortly, an independent panel was instituted by their board members who initially stated that they have limited powers over Zainab Jallow.

Staff members requested the findings made by the independent panel from the so-called board members through their office, but it proved futile prior to the staged press conference.

Just this week, a purported letter signed by Bai Dadou Jallow, Director of Scientific Affairs of FSQA, indicating that twenty-two staff are been sent to administrative leave without pay.

It could be recalled that September 20, 2019 one of the Food Safety staff Abdul Hakim Jawara who now resigned from the Authority was arrested by the Kotu Police Station.

The Food Safety and Quality Authority of the Gambia is established by Food and Safety Act 2011. It is the sole authority with powers to control food and feed in the country.

“Anyone who stands for truth is either sacked or frustrated to resign,” the petition letter indicated.

A staff collaborated that: “Sadly this is what is currently happening at the FSQA.”

Seemingly critical voices in The Gambia are always being silence even evidence proves high level corruption and mismanagement against the culprits such as Zainab.

Zainab  is said to be traveling  the USA next Monday along with Bai Dodou Jallow and Mary Johnson.

Written By Lamin Gassama

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