Gambia’s Defense Minister Sheikh Omar Faye is playing it safe with the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). As it is evident, this country lacks a sober minded President.  Barrow is an indecisive leader. There are folks covertly running the state for him. One of them is the former Jammeh enabler Omar Faye. The Superkanja mouth Omar Faye is therefore using his influence and connections to underwrite police decisions. He is not only interfering with the police’s work, he is also busy establishing links with UDP’s Ousainou Darboe, through third party messages. Faye is a toxic dangerous elements, who needs to be watched!!!

It should be noted that the Inspector General of police Mamout Jobe had been firmed on his stance that he couldn’t issue permit to the UDP—given the huge security coverage his force had been faced with lately. Jobe was pressured to rescind his decision by Omar Faye. Faye came to the police headquarters yesterday before close of business to plead with Jobe to rescind his decision. He was accompanied by the Army Chief of Defense Staff Masaneh Kinteh, the SIS Director, Barrow’s National Security Adviser Momodou Badjie, and the ECOMIG Head.

Faye is seemingly out to exhaust the police. The police’s line of coverage is full to capacity, but this ignoramus Defense Minister wants to earn a good name by asking Jobe to rescind his decision.

The police had provided security for the Jammeh victim protesters today. It would also provide security for the UDP police meeting.

Tomorrow Sunday, the police are also going to provide security for the three years jotna movement. This is the group that is planning to storm the streets for a longtime. They said they wouldn’t retreat from the protest unless Barrow resigns. How do you expect exhausted police to restraint such a group? Blame Omar Faye for any revolution that would forced Barrow out.

Today Saturday, we saw Omar Faye at Mamout Jobe’s office. He came in with the National Security adviser. Faye was dressed in a halftan.

IGP Jobe was off today from work, but Faye had to make him show up to discuss some security related issues.

After his meeting with Jobe, Faye had a chat with Ebrima Dibba, just outside the police headquarters premises. Dibba was his former colleagues at The Gambian Jeddah Consulate. Faye told Dibba and I quote: “I saw you here yesterday. Why didn’t you greet me? Please tell my Koto Lawyer Darboe that you saw me.”

He was desperate for recognition. Faye wants Darboe to know that he was the one, who pressured Jobe to rescind his decision.

In response Dibba told him that he was busy and couldn’t speak to him. He also promised to extend Faye’s message to Lawyer Darboe, the UDP leader.

President Adama Barrow has been surrounded by dishonest officials. The likes of Omar Faye are using the Banjul cabal, and his unsuspecting agents to infiltrate Barrow. Barrow’s government is about to clock its last political chapter. A major revolution is going to force him out of power.

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