Economy and business in the Gambia


Good morning Gambia let us think and talk about economy.

In my last write up I spoke about the ECO currency, the CFA franc and growing the economy.

This time around I would like to encourage Gambians to come and take their rightful place in the economic development of our country. Yaya Jammeh, the president cum dictator and businessman is now history. No more closing, harassing and competing business Gambian entities in the Gambia. Those days are gone forever. Coming from a business background for over 40 years in the Gambia, I had to leave my country because of Yaya Jammeh’s intention to drive me bankrupt simply because I refuse to tow his dictatorial line. Little did he know that a businessman can move his business from anywhere around the world so I decided to close my operations in the Gambia and move to Senegal. Gambians knew my companies called VM Gambia Ltd. and West Telecom Co. Ltd. Now is the time to go home invest, create employment and add value to the economy. I would like to encourage Gambians all over the world to come and invest just like the Nigerians and Ghanaians are now doing and moving their economies to new levels. Yaya Jammeh’s chapter is close for good and a new chapter of democracy, rule of law, peace and civil rights are now a reality in our country. You will agree that it is only the economy that will give us food to eat, build new homes, new private schools, new consultancy houses, new commercial activities, new medical facilities, new technological innovations and the list goes on and on. No amount of talk, talk, talk, criticize, criticize on anything and nothing will make our country to graduate from poverty to prosperity.

Today young Ghanaian entrepreneurs are venturing into offshore oil drilling operations and one of them have been lucky to discover the biggest oil reserve in Ghana. This is just to show you how Ghanaians and Nigerians are venturing into areas hitherto reserved for Multinational companies. Yes, companies like Shell, BP and Total are today being challenge by young African entrepreneurs who now speak and deal in billions of dollars, this is what we need today in Africa and Ghanaians and Nigerians are taking the lead into taking big world companies head on, bravo!

As we know we have highly qualified Gambians in all fields of live working in the Western world, we want you to start thinking of how you can make your talents and expertise benefit your country, the doors are open and your investments will be safe and secure. We thank God that whatever business environment left by Yaya Jammeh has been safeguarded and the new Gambia will preserve and expand on it. Government role is to build infrastructure, social amenities such as public schools, public clinics and hospitals, roads, bridges etc. and creating the legal and safe environment for private business to grow.

Thank God today no one fears to open and run a business peacefully in the Gambia. Let us not leave the business to Indians and Chinese who now occupy 70% of the business activities in The Gambia. I would therefor wish to encourage Gambians to think about growing the economy and talk less of politics and bragging of who took Yaya Jammeh out of power. At this juncture I would also like to encourage our Badibunka business people and FanaFana business people as well the Sarahuleh business community to concentrate on moving our little economy into higher heights. When the diaspora Gambians start thinking and talking more on economies as opposed to politics and trivial issues and non existing human right nightmares and prepare to join the economic bandwagon in creating new jobs for our youths so that the back way menace stop then we all will reap the fruits of prosperity as Ghanaians, Nigerians and Senegalese are doing for their countries. Business is what makes the people of the world to survive, prosper and live a good life. It is our time.

Thank you.

Pa Njie Girigara

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