Ministry of Health Drug Supply Contract Bidding


Dear Editor,

This’s to tip you that what you have published about the shady deal in the bidding of lab consumables at the ministry  of health is very true.

For your information, 8 companies bid for the contract and again the ministry through deputy permanent secretary Fanta Bai Seck is favouring a British company called Unimed Procurement even though the company has failed to disclose its local bank partners which is a key requirement in bidding document and no technical specifications which is also major criteria stipulated in the bidding document.

The company Unimed replied upon asked to produce their local bank partners, that such information is confidential and refused to comply but still Fanta Bai Secka insists  that they will award the contract to Unimed contrary to the requirements.

In the bidding document all international bidders must have and disclose their local bank partners. Unimed initially said their local banks are Standard Chartered, EcoBank and Access Bank but when asked to produce evidence, Unimed refused saying these details are confidential yet Fanta Bai Seck and Adama Secka who is both the agent’s of Unimed and an official of the evaluation committee insisted that Unimed shall have the contract.

Written by a Concerned Gambian

Editors note: The author’s views don’t not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your kind attention.

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