Kumba Jaiteh Wins Lawsuit Against The Gambian State; As Supreme Court Overrules President Barrow’s Decision To Revoke Kumba’s MP Seat; Describing It As Unconstitutional


The Supreme Court of The Gambia has overruled a decision made by President Adama Barrow to revoke the nomination of Ya Kumba Jaiteh, a nominated member of the National Assembly, Freedom Newspaper can report. The Justices of highest court of the land had ruled that the Executive decision was unconstitutional and therefore overruled Barrow’s decision. Mrs. Jaiteh has been cleared by the court to resume work as prescribed by the constitution.

Kumba Jaiteh is a member of the United Democratic Party (UDP). She sued the government upon the revocation of her Parliamentary seat by President Adama Barrow. She was replaced by Foday Gassama. Gassama’s seat has now been rendered illegitimate–given the court’s ruling today.

An Executive Directive was given for Mrs. Jaiteh’s removal. It was communicated to her by the former Secretary General Ebrima Camara. She was accused of unethical behavior.

Now the court has ruled that she should go back to Parliament and continue with her job.

Kumba’s legal victory is being celebrated by the opposition United Democratic Party.

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