Opinion: Gambia President Adama Barrow Betrayed Transitional Agenda


Gambia President Adama Barrow Betrayed Transitional Agenda

By  Bakary Ceesay

Gambia is making headlines across the globe because of bad leadership of President Adama Barrow, who has betrayed  the transition agenda of three-years of coalition agreement.

He selfishly ignore the coalition agenda of major reforms like security reform, institutional reform because of his political ambition of seeking for another mandate.

In a nutshell he betrayed the people trust and confidence in him as his promise to serve for three years, but disrespectfully change his mind without consulting the major stakeholders like the electorates and his coalition partners. Guided by selfish Gambians he ignorantly formed his own political party announce his ambition of contesting elections in 2021 presidential elections. He thinks Gambians are fools like him.

Our security remains hostile to the citizens who were paid by tax payers. Gambia security officers has no regards to the principles of human rights under the leadership of the current Inspector General of Police Mamour Jobe, who has a bad leadership style in the way and manner he commands the police.

I immediately calls for the sacking of Jobe, because of his lack of capacity to run the Gambia Police Force to protect the lives and properties of it citizens, but rather commands them to brutalised and hostile to the citizens.

Recycling Yankuba  Sonko, as a interior minister was an ill advise idea by President Adama Barrow as it is evident that Sonko was amongst the human rights violators when he was a police chief under dictator Yahya Jammeh.

During his time as police chief Ebrima Solo Sandeng was torture to death by the defunct National Intelligence Agency, dozens of our citizens rights were violated.

Ebrima Sillah, Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure is an economic opportunist who has now been used by Barrow as a propaganda tool in spreading lies in misleading citizens.

Sillah, has long since betrayed  the Gambian media when he shamefully speak ill about the media outlets and later come and apalogise.

Ebrima Sankareh, frustrated in US came to Gambia for economic opportunities is bending on spreading lies and false informations in the country for President Barrow advantage.

The two Ebrima are been used as a political tools, but you will end up shameful and selfish dudes.

Editors note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your kind attention.

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