Opinion: 11 Staff Of Food Safety and Quality Authority Receive Dismissal Letters


11 Staff Of Food Safety and Quality Authority Receive Dismissal Letters

The Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) was established by an Act of Parliament in 2011 and operates as an Agency under the Office of the Vice President. The authority has a staff capacity of 53.

Sometime in last year 32 staff filed a petition against theDirector General, Zainab Jallow on matters with regards to corruption, nepotism, abuse of office and others. In view of the abovementioned, the Board of Directors of the authority commissioned a Committee of Inquiry to investigate complaints and concerns regarding the said petition.

However, before the outcome of the investigation by the committee that includes the Commissioner of Labour, MrNyallow Barrow, the Director of Human Rights, Office of the Ombudsman, Mr Landing Bondi, the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Office of the Vice President Ms Ramatoulie Sarr and the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Personnel Management Office, Mr Musa Camara. Some staff who signed the petition were issued with dismissal letters by Director Jallow without the consent of the Board of Directors who have the powers to do so.

Of recent reports reaching me has it that the authority through Sanna Jawara the retired Director of Food Control has recruited 10 interns to replace the dismissed Food Inspectors.

One of the dismissed staff said, since they received theirdismissal letters they have been reporting to work. Because they believe that their sacking is illegal and the due processes was not followed.

‘‘Apparently 11 of us received our dismissal letters while over 20 sent on administrative leave without pay. However, the recommendations of the investigation report should be implemented without fear or favour as that is the only way to resolve the unfolding issue at hand’’, the staff added

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