Is the Leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe above the law?


Is the Leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe above the law? Few days ago, the Supreme Court of The Gambia, the highest court of the land, had issued a landmark ruling in which Darboe’s tax evasion appeal was rejected by the court. The court had pronounced Darboe as a tax evader.

Per the court ruling, Darboe only pays taxes during electioneering year; just to facilitate his Presidential bid candidature. In other words, Darboe is a habitual tax evader. There is a documented pattern of his tax evasion.

The court headed by Justice Mam Yassin Sey had ordered Darboe to pay about two million dalasis back taxes that he had owed to The Gambian state. Darboe hasn’t paid the back taxes he owed.

It is the responsibility of Justice Minister Abubcarr Tambadou to perform his constitutional required duties by ensuring that Darboe pays that back taxes he owed to the state. Failure of which, Tambadou would betray his oath of office. He had not only sworn to protect the constitution, but to defend it when he was hired by President Barrow.

The other day, Tambadou issued a press release saying that that the state was going to comply with the Supreme Court ruling on the case of Ya Kumba Jaiteh. He however, failed to make a pronouncement in the case of Ousainou Darboe.

The court had issued two rulings on the same day: The Ya Kumba Jaiteh case and Ousainou Darboe’s tax evasion case.

Mr. Tambadou hasn’t been diligently prosecuting corruption since his appointment. He had been preoccupied on “human rights” within and outside Gambia’s frontiers when corruption has become a national cancer in today’s Gambia. Corruption has reached an alarming proportion in The Gambia. Lets fight it with seriousness.

Many here are not convinced that Baa Tambadou would prosecute Ousainou Darboe, a man, who calls him a brother. He would also not pursue him to settle his tax arrears.

Look at the economic wreck that corporate Gambia private sector had caused to this dying economy. The Mama Singhateh Commission report speaks volume. Tambadou hasn’t pursued that Commission report.

The Janneh Commission report is also gathering dust at Tambadou’s office. Since the publication of that Commission report, no one who had been adversely mentioned by that report has been taken to court.

Tambadou’s Justice Ministry should prioritize a war on corruption if it is interested in peace and national development.

The Diplomatic Passport scandal file is also gathering dust at the police. We rest our case.

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