Babili Mansa’s Stolen Wealth Are up in Flames. The Evil That Men Do Shall Live after Them!


Babili Mansa’s Stolen Wealth Are up in Flames. The Evil That Men Do Shall Live after Them!

The massive fire that ravages the compound of Yaya Jammeh athis home village of Kanilai is a poignant reminder of God’s way of retribution. The atrocities committed under Jammeh’sdictatorial rule as per the sworn testimonies made at the TRRC have dampened our collective spirit of togetherness as Gambians. The moneys stolen from government coffers and state owned enterprises that found its way into building some of those massive structures in Kanilai have been destroyed by the ravaging fires. Although, there is no value attached to the destruction yet, some reports put it in the millions.

The mini stadium that was built through stolen funds from GPA where festivals were usually held during Jammeh’s presidency has been damaged. Trees that were planted inside his compoundincluding some story buildings, along with four other houses have all disappeared in the fire. The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services (GFRS), the army unit attached to Kanilai, and some of the residents of Kanilai joined hands to put out the fire but to no avail.

Kanilai is Yaya Jammeh’s birthplace and the mansion he built was his most elaborate estate – complete with farm, mosque, tanks, multiple residences, jungle warfare training camp and vast private safari park housing exotic animals. Knowing the greediness of Jammeh, he must be recoiling in desperation at his solitary confinement out there in Equatorial Guinea.

What would have been the situation if Jammeh is still president and this terrible fire happened? Well, we would not have been able to survive the vicissitudes of a nation put in grief by a simple fire accident. The fact that it happened in Kanilai, the citadel of Yaya Jammeh’s twenty-two year rule, declaring a state of emergency would not have been a distant possibility.

Then, the Supreme Islamic Council would have ordered all mosques to offer prayers on Friday for the president, the NIA in its usual oppressive operations would have started arresting and brutalizing suspects while those hypocrites within our midst would be scapegoating innocent people. Some of the people residing in the neighboring villages would have been rounded upand accused of being witches and subjected to the worst treatment that awaits so-called evil opponents of his rule conceived in Jammeh’s psychic. Massive firing of security heads including the head of the fire rescue services would have filled the news headlines.

Meantime, while already losing most of his valuable assets to the state, this fire incident could serve as a temporary reprieve for some of his desperate victims crying so loud for justice. Although we do not wish any human being to face such calamity, the troubles of Babili Mansa will surely mount so long as he continues to refuse to repent remorsefully and own up to his crimes. Thank God, the evils that Jammeh committed against his victims will continue to haunt him for the rest of his life so long as justice is not truly served.

Written by: Morro Gaye

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