Darboe is selling spiritual cheap bread to brainwash hungry Gambians to get political support


The idol worshipping is real in Africa.  His former political nemesis Yahya Jammeh was accused of using spiritual charms to feed hungry Gambians with bread; so that he can prolong his rule.  Now, the desperate Ousainou Darboe wannabe President, is copycatting Jammeh. He is now selling the cheapest spiritual bread in town.  Word have it that the UDP bread is meant to spiritually brainwash Gambians to support their leader Darboe.

A D4 Dalasi bread is not an ordinary bread. It’s sad that Darboe is pursuing spiritual means to pursue the seat for the Presidency.  He is holding three bread— meaning that the three years Jotna “fitna” (trouble) had failed.  Now his marabouts would pursue the rest for him through spiritual bread.  Lol.  Gambians do not allow to be spiritually brainwashed by Darboe.

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