Lawmaker Visits Kanilai, Calls For An Inquiry Into The Inferno


National Assembly Member Musa Amul Nyassi of the opposition the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), has called on Gambian authorities to open an investigation into the giant inferno that partly destroyed ex-President Jammeh’s residence in Kanilai and the surroundings.

“I am with the view that by virtue of the portfolio he held in this country, such a fire incident should trigger the authorities to take their responsibility to assess and come out with a report,” the Foni Kansala’s lawmaker told this medium in an exclusive interview after the site visit on Saturday.
Last week, the home village of former President Jammeh was hit by a massive fire outbreak, leaving a spectacle of desolation and destruction in the area and its surroundings.
Hon. Musa Amul Nyassi said an inquiry will determine the cause of such a fire, adding that the general public needs to know what really happened.
“When the fire incident started, I was in the Kombos,” he said while indicating that it was on Friday that he got the opportunity to set off towards Foni.
The following day, he said, he went to Kanilai to get first-hand information about the devastating blazes that stretched dangerously towards the palace of Gambia’s former longtime ruler.
Weighing in on the destruction caused by the fire, Nyassi revealed the complete destruction of the pavilion located in the multi-purpose arena where the Kanilai festival used to take place.
“There is also another area where women used to cultivate vegetables. That place has seriously been affected,” he remarked. “But nothing happened to the main building.”
The Foni Kansala legislator confirmed what many observers have been saying about the lack of agricultural activities that allowed the bush to increasingly grow into the area.
He further stated that the entire land used for agricultural purposes by President Jammeh got destroyed by the fire.
“The giant inferno has seriously affected the palm trees and Yahya Jammeh’s farm land,” he said…
Written by Abdoulie John
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