Krubally Joins UDP


On Sunday January 19, 2020 I formally joined the United Democratic Party (UDP) via my longtime friend and confidant, Mr. Ebrima Dibba. I also spoke with the Secretary General of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Alh. Ousainu Darboe and pledged regarding my decision to join UDP and he welcomed me to the party. I took this decision after consultations with my family, friends, and members of the UDP.

Like many of you, we fought against dictatorship with the hope of putting a sensible government in place to not only free our nation, but begin the needed development. Coalition 2016 bred hope in many of us but after three years of what is now evident to be a failed leadership, I have lost confidence in President Barrow and his government.

Today our nation is plagued with serious youth unemployment, lack of good healthcare, education and the cost of living is on the rise and security as we know it has gotten worst. In light of this, the Gambia cannot afford another five years of President Barrow’s style of leadership. As a struggling nation, we need serious leadership that will tap into the huge talent pool within and outside of the country to bring about the needed development.

Given the wrong direction we are headed as a nation, we cannot afford to sit and hope for change to happen. Thus, the reason for my joining a political movement to ensure that President Barrow is removed from office when Gambia heads to the polls in 2021.

Barrow and his government have just recently spent millions of Dalasis touring the country to form his political party while our mothers and sisters are dying in our ill-equipped hospitals; our children sitting on bare floors in dilapidated class rooms, our families not being able to afford 3 meals a day due to the high cost of commodities, and many other reasons.

To ensure a zero chance of this continuous bad leadership, we must start now and work with serious political parties aiming to lift our nation out of abject poverty and mismanagement.

It is no secret to the world that the United Democratic Party is one of the most resilient parties in the country with a diverse leadership. They have shown during dictatorship that they are willing to die for the freedom of our nation. They stood by the Gambian people and never relented to the dictator even when their people were being raped and killed.

The United Democratic Party is a party of the people and by the people. Their programs are not only designed to get our struggling nation out of poverty but they have a plan to develop our huge youth population.

As I made this declaration to you today, I hope you join UPD as well. The Gambia belongs to all of us and for us to see the change we want, we must do our part and my joining UDP is the beginning of that journey.

Thank you. Momodou B. Krubally

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