There is this Sudanese man called Almajid. He is allegedly extorting money from land buyers in The Gambia. He owns the company called Almayan. His office is situated in Mariama Kunda.

Almajid is currently facing series of lawsuits in the courts. Some of his cases are civil, while others are criminal matters. He is a highly connected land dealer. He hardly stays in police nets when he got arrested. This is as a result of his close ties with the police command, the Land Ministry, among other government agencies.

The Sudanese man has been living in The Gambia for over thirty years. He had strong ties with some corrupt officials at the Social Security, Housing and Finance Corporation (SSHFC) and the Lands Ministry.

When the SSHFC corrupt workers started the sale of the corporation’s overpriced land estate in Jabang, Almajid, was able to lure some customers to buy land from him. His customers had bought land from him without been issued landownership papers. One of them is Momodou Jaiteh. Jaiteh is a Gambian American.

Jaiteh bought one of the SSHFC Jabang land from Almajid. The land costs him eight hundred thousand dalasis (D800,000). He couldn’t secure landownership papers from Almajid despite repeated demands.

It later turns out that the land Jaiteh bought from Almajid wasn’t Almajid’s land. The SSHFC workers, who were involved in the illegal sale of the reserved land and overpricing were even arrested and detained by the police.

Among the arrested SSHFC former officials were: Alhagie Fatty, Senior Housing Manager, Modou Sarr, Assistant Manager Housing and one Amie Sarr. Ms. Sarr works at the SSHFC documentation Department.

Lamin Sima, the former Head of the SSHFC Bakau branch was also questioned and released by the police. He later resigned from the SSHFC to take up employment at the State House as a Permanent Secretary responsible for Investment. He was also hired Ambassador at large responsible for Foreign Investment.

That case file is gathering dust at the police headquarters in Banjul. The extorted customers are now at the mercy of their scammers.

Jaiteh works as a barber in Raleigh, North Carolina. He also owns a company that handles medical help.

When Jaiteh demanded to be refunded his eight hundred thousand dalasis, Almajid, reportedly asked for a payment plan to repay Jaiteh’s funds. His initial promise of making a two hundred thousand dalasis payment was never fulfilled.

Jaiteh had to repeatedly pursue him to refund him his money. Almajid later offered to make a part payment of two hundred thousand dalasi. He never settles the remainder of the money.

Jaiteh resorted to reporting the matter to the police, which led to Almajid’s arrest. He was briefly held and later granted bail.

Almajid has so far paid two hundred and forty-five thousand dalasis, leaving a balance of five hundred and fifty thousand dalasis. His case file is pending at the Brusubi land tribunal. Hearing into his case resumes on February 27th.

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