Zainab Jallow Has Travel Again Leaving FSQA Leaderless


Zainab Jallow Has Travel Again Leaving FSQA Leaderless

Editor M’bai, you could recall that DG Zainab Jallow traveled to the United States for two weeks some weeks ago. Apparently, she has travel again as she is not reporting to work since Monday. Within this period no one is in control of the authority as no official handing over was done.

However, as a concerned citizen it is disheartening to know the food we consume in the Gambia is unsafe and at risk hence for months our markets, supermarkets, restaurants and all other food business premises have not been inspected due to the ongoing saga created by DG Zainab Jallow of the FSQA.  The big question is what is the government doing about this?

Inspection plays a vital role in ensuring that the food in our markets, supermarkets, restaurants etc. are in compliance with the Food Safety Act. 2011 thereby putting all food business operators to task to provide safe and quality food to the Gambian populace at all times. How can this be possible if the people who are supposed to do this in their effort to see Gambians eat safe and healthy food are all dismissed and others sent on administrative leave?

Why is it important to inspect the food we consume?

1. To ensure the prepared for public consumption is contamination from the environment, free from salmonella and all contaminates.
2. To ensure all food business operators are sensitized on handle food from preparation to the final consumer.
3. To ensure all food vendors are screened and certified by a competent authority etc.

Editor M’bai, research has shown that 137,000 die of foodborne diseases in Africa every year which can be preventable if proper measures are taken by the stakeholders but it is sad to know the government of the Gambia is turning a black eye to this to sacrifice 32 young staff for one corrupt individual.

The way the food we consume is displayed and handled in the markets and supermarket is unsatisfactory and the compliance level in most places is low, how can we ensure there is improvement if the daily food inspection is at halt for months?

By A Concerned Citizen

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