Some family members of the exiled former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh are at the risk of being homeless, as they have been asked by the Barrow government to vacate the property that was given to them by Jammeh before February 21st 2020, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The three-bedroom property, which is located at the Paradise Estate, has been sold to one Sankung Fatty.

Sankung Fatty is the new owner, per an eviction notice that was served to Jammeh’s younger sister Yama Jammeh. The notice was delivered on Saturday. The family couldn’t tell if the notice was delivered by agents of the government or the new owner of the house.

Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, 26-year-old Salim Bojang, the son of the evicted Yama Jammeh, said he was not only sad, but devastated upon seeing the eviction letter.

“I am speechless. I couldn’t believe what I am reading. We have been evicted from our own property. We have been living in this house for ten years now. The house was given to my mum by his brother Yahya Jammeh, the former President. I do not think it is fair to target Jammeh’s family on issues that they do not have aby knowledge about. This is a despicable move coming from the government,” Salim Bojang remarked.

Salim’s mum used to work for Jammeh. She was responsible for Jammeh’s house up-keeping. She is 4o years of age.

“This notice is rather too short. We had few days to relocate. As we speak, we do not have anywhere to live if we should move; We cannot also afford a six months advance fee for house rent. Even tenants are usually given three months notice to vacate after being thrown out. But in this case, we haven’t been given an enough notice to find a place to live,” he added.

Bojang works as a car dealer. He said he and his brother, who is a taxi driver are helping their mum to put food on the table.

“We do not have anywhere to stay. This is the only house we had,” he said.

Five people are living in that three-bedroom apartment. One of them is Fatou Bintou Camara.

“My Aunty owns the house. The property was bought by the Kanilai Family Farm. It was given to her by Jammeh. I do not think it is fair to seize our house just because they had a problem with Jammeh,” she said.

Ms. Camara has called on President Barrow to look into the matter. She noted that if Jammeh’s family can be targeted for eviction, what would stop a successive government after Barrow’s era from not pursuing Barrow’s family.

“Our family is innocent. We have no hands in whatever they are alleging Jammeh,” she added.

Salim Bojang and Fatou Bintou Camara are appealing for public help. They said, they would appreciate any help that would save their family from being homeless.  They can be reached at this phone number: 3025967

The interview we had with Salim Bojang and Fatou Bintou Camara is going to air in our Sunday Prime Time Leral show.

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