Swiss non-profit association “The Bansang Swiss Project” donates milling machines, funds and bicycles for a total worth of 200’000 GMD to schools and communities of the Bansang region­


Swiss non-profit association “The Bansang Swiss Project” donates milling machines, funds and bicycles for a total worth of 200’000 GMD to schools and communities of the Bansang region­

Bansang, 16 February 2020 Today saw the official handover of 200’000 GMD worth of milling equipment,  funds and bicycles offered by The Bansang Swiss Project to six schools of the Bansang region – represented by the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education’s regional Director Paul Mendy and the Hon. Abba Sanyang, Governor of the Central River Region – at Bansang Upper Senior school.

The association donated grain milling equipment – a total of 12 mills, with 2 electric and 10 hand operated – for a total value in excess of 89’000 GMD. A demonstration of usage of the equipment was carried out on stage, allowing students and community members to understand the benefits of and familiarise themselves with the equipment. The association also presented the schools with funds for infrastructure development, with a donation for the refurbishment of classroom furniture in excess of 30’000 GMD. Other donations took the shape of the Peter da Costa fund of 20’000 GMD and the Astrid Manneh of Yosh Restaurant Fajara fund of 10’000 GMD which will both be put towards the production and purchase of 70 uniforms for orphans of the region. Finally, the association presented the schools of the region with 11 bicycles, which will be managed and distributed across the network of schools by the authorities, with the goal of addressing the mobility challenges faced by students residing in remote areas of the Bansang cluster and its schools.
The ceremony ­­­was held in the assembly hall of Bansang Senior Secondary school, with a variety of students and teachers, parents, MOBSE representatives and representatives of the local authorities in attendance.

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Discussing the donations, Nicola Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier, Treasurer of the association said: “We at The Bansang Swiss Project are committed to the development of the educational experience and overall quality of life of the students of the region. Our focus on sustainability and driving for local solutions was the driving force in our decision to focus on the provision of mills and funds for the communities of the region and the schools this year, looking at supporting orphans and their integration in the school system via uniforms as well as redeveloping damaged school furniture through school workshops. Our investment in the welfare of the community grows and we see its benefits through the continued academic journeys of students in the region.”

Started in December 2017, The Bansang Swiss Project is a family run non-profit association whose goal is to support the education of youths in the Region of Bansang. The organisation is committed to supporting local initiatives geared towards empowering the next generation through education, as well as supporting students in their everyday lives by facilitating access to resources. Discussing this year’s handover of milling equipment, Caroline (Briggs) Ambrosi de Magistris Verzier – Founder of the association, said: “Conscious of the strain the physical labor of preparing flour and food brings upon women in communities, we have looked at creating a sustainable solution which will see mothers and students diminish time allocation to meal preparation. The use of Mills – both electrical for the centres with access to power, as well as mechanical for remote communities – will be surveyed by the Mother’s Clubs of the different location, where a small fee charged per use will be used to finance the maintenance of said equipment as well as generate funds towards the orphans’ uniforms’ scheme for the coming years, allowing members of the community to share the equipment for communal benefit.”

Praising the initiative, Paul Mendy, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, said: “We are grateful for The Bansang Swiss Project’s unwavering support for the education of Gambian youth. The association’s contributions for developing teaching infrastructure will allow for students to enjoy their learning experiences further and grow in and outside of the classroom.”


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The Bansang Swiss Project is a family run non-profit initiative, the goal of which is to support the education of youths in the Bansang region. Active since 2017, the association support a cluster of 6 schools of the region, funding local projects by Gambians, for Gambians. Previous handover of stationary and school supplies amounted to 400’000 GMD in 2018. Staff living quarters in the village of Njoren were built and inaugurated on the grounds of Njoren Basic Cycle School in 2018. / Facebook: The Bansang Swiss Project

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