Guinean Embassy Burnt Down By Anti-President Conde Opposition Supporters


Guinean nationals living in The Gambia have burnt down the Guinean Embassy, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The incident happened in the early hours of Friday. Some disgruntled Guineans stormed the embassy, and ransacked it before burning it down.

The Gambian police responded to the scene, where some of the rioters were picked up.

Guineans both home and abroad said they are opposed to President Alpha  Conde’s move to extend his mandate through a constitutional referendum. The move has been greeted with nationwide protest marches in Guinea Conakry.

The opposition in Conakry said they do not recognize the legitimacy of President Conde’s rule. They have been calling for his resignation from power.

On Friday, anti-Conde opposition supporters resident in The Gambia decided to attack their embassy in The Gambia. Properties were destroyed during the incident.

The Ambassador was left injured during the attack. He has been hospitalized.

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