In January 2019 Mam Amie Jobe who was a Lawyer of the worse kind, and was Struck off the Register of Law.

She owes a Dutch National Euro 38.000 and was instructed to pay this amount back, but in the meantime she seems to have absconded or just lying low.

In January 2020 the both of us went to the Sheriffs Office in Banjul, to District Attorney and chief of Justice, but we ran out of time, before we had any satisfaction, of why this ex Lawyer has not been brought to justice.

She actually confessed to the Council when the meeting was held in 2019.

I have looked in your archives but have found there was no report on the case., I am not sure how you obtain your news.

You reported on this Mam Amie Jobe around 2018 regarding a case about this same lawyer who had conned a Gambian lady called Salimatou Ngum, in that case Amie Jobe did pay back, D230.000 out of the original D1 million , the rest she did not pay back.

Even after this, she was still able to continue to practice law, and Con many Euro and Dalais out of another 7 people, which was among the case my friend took to the Council of Law.
I have just given you a rough outline of this case, and my Friend and myself would be grateful if you can help in any way through your paper.

Thank you for reading this, my Friend is incidentally 84 year old and it would be nice to see that she could get some justice in this case.


Ina Bakker { UK}

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