The advent of the scary and deadly Corona Virus has caused countries around the globe to take substantive contingency plans to combat or at least curb the afflictions caused by this menace to human existence. Now that the world is referred to as a global village, China doesn’t look like too far away from any country in the world. Thus the swift spread of the disease in quite an unpredictable manner.

The fact that I’m not a health expert, I do not want to delve into the health implications of the disease for our people. However, the negative effects of this disease are beyond medical complications.

Being a major exporter to the global economy, now that the mighty and giant China is ‘sneezing’, there is a good chance that the world will catch cold. Are we thinking about our sources of survival now that China, the supplier of many of the things we need and consume, is busy trying to deal with Corona virus? Do we have substitute suppliers that we can import from? Or have we seriously started growing and producing the food and materials we need for our survival?

There is urgent need for everyone to think outside the box as far as the implications of pandemics are concerned. There are hosts of problems, aside from the health issues. The fact that our feeding, clothing, shelter (most of our building materials are imported mainly directly or indirectly from China), etc. are imported we have no choice but to urgently put in place contingency plans.

We should pray for divine intervention but we must also act, and act now! Time is of utmost essence. Secondary sources of supply for our needs must be explored and immediate plans must be made to start producing things we need. What economists refer to as comparative advantage is only practical in the absence of pandemics. This is an important point to take note of. May the Lord continue to guide us.

Written By Yankuba Mamburay

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