UNEDITED: June 30th 2019 Emailer Unveils How The Barrow Gov’t Is Allegedly Complicit In The Casamance Timber Smuggling


Email was sent on June 30th 2019

Lamin Saidykhan was given licence to export the Timber from The Gambia to China.

Adama Barrow gave him the licence to export the Timber, his company name is JAGNE NARR at MUNDUK Trading Office currently opposite AGIB Bank, Westfield.

A gentleman called PAPA DAM JAGNE is at the office running it by JAGNE NARR Company.

Macky Sallah asked to stop exporting the Timber but Adama Barrow smuggling the Timber and JAGNE NARR giving Adama Barrow his cut.

Also, Minister Dibba of Environment and his P.S Pateh are benefiting from the Timber among themselves.

The Timber is closed at the moment, but they are trying to reopen it again.

Remember Lamin Saidykhan used to work for westwood company for ex-president Jammeh.

Macky Sallah asked them to stop the Timber immediately otherwise the rebels at casamance selling timber to have money to buy weapons.
Pa, publish this to the whole world so they can know what is happening in The Gambia.
From A  Concerned Citizen 
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