Hospital Staff Told Health Samateh To Leave Dr. Roberts Alone!


Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on your article published on March 9th 2020: Dr Samateh’s response to Lamin Jaiteh’s accusations. Kindly publish.

I am not here to support the concern staff and Dr. Samateh or Mr Jaiteh and the accused staff. All I want to say is that leave Dr. Roberts out of this, he is a God-fearing, hardworking, honest, and professional Surgeon. I have personally witness to name a few: where his family member came to the hospital and was asked to pay full treatment cost because he did not meet the criteria for fee exemption.

On another occasion he sent an orderly to come and pay from his own pocket. I was told (not by Dr. Roberts) that during one management meeting a decision was supposed to be made concerning a relative of his and he was ask to recuse himself to avoid conflict of interest but he said ‘There was no need for the recuse, according to the laws, the person concern was found wanting and the law has to be applied to the letter’. Is this favouritism, nepotism or tribalism? NO. This is calibre of man we have as DCMD, so please leave Dr. Roberts out of this.
Thank You

A Concern Staff

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