Opinion: Hamat Bah’s Call For Gambians To Become Tourists In Our Own Country Is Absurd!


Dear Pa,

I just could not let the irresponsible remark made by the tourism minister Hamat Bah on one of the local radio station’s morning programs to pass without reacting to this absurdity and blatant mockery of our plight. Most Gambians are finding it difficult to meet the rising cost of living let alone taking a week out with family members to stay in the hotels as tourists.
When I heard this, i thought Mr. Bah must be sleep walking looking for solutions to blunt the impact against convid-19 projected to affect the tourism sector of the country as they are now facing many cancellations from tour operators. Instead of the minister providing viable and strategic measures for alternatives, he wants Gambians to start leaving their homes and spending good times at the hotels as tourists.
Mr. Bah is now enjoying the financial benefits of being a minister, he has forgotten how the ordinary Gambians are struggling to make ends meet. Many households cannot afford putting two meals a day on their dining tables, buy regular cash-power to light their homes, pay school fees for their children while meeting the challenges of survival in a poor country. Before people can go and spend weekends at the hotels to help the hotel owners make profits, the money to be spent on such unnecessary leisure could be used to meet the rising cost of living affecting all Gambians.
What Hanmat Bah can do for Gambians, is to resign and allow those knowledgeable in the industry to take charge and turn this dying industry around. Mr. Bah could make a formidable political adviser to the President to help him elevate the living standards of Ganbians that will enable us to become tourists in our own country.
A Concerned Gambian
Editors note:  The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your kind attention.   
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