CONVID- 19: Senegalese President Has Just Announced Stringent Measures To Safeguard Its Population From The Coronavirus


Mr. Mbai,

Thank you for the good job you are doing for the Gambia. Your medium is playing a crucial role in the dissemination of information for Gambians.

Having said that,  please allow me to express my deepest concern about the conspicuous inaction of this government when the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, has just personally announced appropriate actions to protect his people from further spreading of the coronavirus, The government of Adama Barrow from all indication is relatively doing NOTHING to protect Gambians from this virus. Although, the office of the Secretary General has issued a notice banning all travels by government officials, this measure is significantly  too little too late. Urgent and further actions need to be taken to reinforce the preventive measures already in place such as a total ban of public gatherings, closing of schools and other institutions of higher learning, suspension of pilgrimage to Mecca and Rome (for Christians) as well as strengthening of the port, airport and  other borders within the country to protect Gambians from this dangerous virus that spreading unabated across the world.

The government of Saudi Arabia has also banned all international flights and issued a notice to all countries urging all countries to suspend all the arrangements for this year Hajj. The foreign minister of Senegal, Amadou Ba. made that announcement yesterday in front of the media. Our own foreign ministry is still wasting time to inform the public on this vital piece of information. All Hajj preparations for 2020 have been suspended, Consequently, it is wrong for travel agencies in this country to continue receiving moneys from the intending pilgrims. Let them refund all payments made so far by the pilgrims.

This government should take responsibility if any Gambian is exposed to this deadly virus for lack of leadership to save the lives of all Gambians. Senegal has just cancelled the celebration of it’s 60th independence anniversary due 4th April 2020. We can no longer wait until Gambians start being affected before taking action. We want action NOW. This virus knows no borders.

A Concerned Gambian.

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