The APP Party Leader’s Statement On The Coronavirus Outbreak


PRESS RELEASE OF THE ALL PEOPLES PARTY                                                                                    Date:15th March, 2020

Ref: APP/PR/2020/ (1)


The All Peoples Party (APP) is fully aware of the current prevailing Corona Virus (Covid) 19 pandemic that is now worldwide and the Party takes particular interest on the Gambian situation.

As this matter is national in scope and cuts across all party lines, the APP is concerned about the possible reach of this contagious virus at the shores of our dear nation.

Accordingly, we enjoin our government to take all possible measures of preparedness in the unlikely event of this calamity. In this respect we urge government to take a vigorous public sensitization campaign across all the print andvisual media, Radio Stations and other public education fora. At the same time government should consult and include civil society groups, NGOs particularly the Red Cross, Religious and Traditional Groups etc, so that the campaign is all inclusive to have the desired effect.

At this stage it is our belief that deterrent measures are paramount and need to be implemented soon. This may include vigilante controls at ports of entry and at our porous borders, communal gatherings, social events, religious gatherings, weekly markets, school gatherings and similar undertakings. Perhaps there is a greater need to introduce practical measures early enough than to wait until an incident occurs.

The All Peoples Party prays that God All Mighty averts us from this natural calamity and that the whole world sees a lasting solution to this pandemic. Ameen.



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