The Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary at the Gambia Football Federation Lamin M. Jassey has found himself in a secret recording scandal, Freedom Newspaper can report. In a tape aired on Pa Modou Bojang’s Mbengkering show, Jassey, could be heard bragging about his connections in Barrow’s government. Jassey has even bragged being untouchable. He claimed that his boss Lamin Kaba Bajo, the GFF President and the leadership of the football body are not mad or brave enough to mess with him. The pompous Lamin Jassey could be heard saying that the Barrow government listen to him a lot and that government officials would heed to his orders with a mere phone call he made to their phone lines.

Jassey mentioned the Inspector General of police during his phone conversation. He claimed that he had been repeatedly invited by the IGP of police Mamout Jobe, but due to tide schedule, he couldn’t meet with Jobe.

Jassey also bragged that the local Gambian media are afraid of him. He said Gambia’s journalists wouldn’t take the risk of reporting on him in the papers. He mentioned the name of the Brikama based Digital FM Talk Show Host Pa Modou Bojang, saying that Bojang picks on everyone, but Bojang is not mad to pick on him. He ridiculed Gambia’s home-based journalist describing them as bunch of uneducated journalists.

Who Is Lamin Jassey?

Lamin Jassey used to live in the United Kingdom during Gambia’s liberation struggle to oust Jammeh’s government through democratic means. Birmingham, UK, was his home. He was a supporter of dictator Jammeh’s APRC party.

Prior to the change of government in 2016, Jassey was Jammeh’s mole in the UK to monitor dissidents. Pierre Minteh, a former Diplomat at The Gambian Embassy in the United States was his political case officer.

APRC supporters reading me, can confirm Jassey’s frequent interactions with Pierre Miniteh and co through the phone at the Embassy. This was the Embassy Sheikh Omar Faye, the current Defense Minister, was heading at the time.

The Kibaaro radio was infiltrated by Jassey. Jassey  was having radio shows with the like of Pa Modou Bojang, Suntou Touray, Suntou Touray, and Muhammed Lamin Sillah. Because of Jasseh, a nonpolitical Mandinka proverb show was created to have him onboard. The unsuspecting Pa Modou Bojang and co never knew that Lamin Jassey was in close contact with Pierre Minteh.

Jassey is an opportunist. The former UDP led government welcomed him onboard after the change of government. He had constantly attacked Pa Nderry Mbai on his Facebook live shows just to win the trust and confidence of the UDP leadership.

He returned to Banjul and was offered a job at the GFF. Without the backing of the UDP and Lamin Kaba Bajo, Jassey wouldn’t have secured the job. He was hired without any formal job hiring process.

Today, the same Lamin Jassey, who used to attack Pa Nderry for his critical views against the current administration, had now switched his support for Barrow. He has dumped the UDP.

Jassey used to visit Banjul during Jammeh’s rule. He was never on Jammeh’s wanted list. He was playing it safe with the regime. Now that the rookie President is in charge, he thinks that he can use his deceptive maneuverings to run the regime. He is using his connection with law enforcement, the Presidency to bury his perceived rivals—be it real or fake.

Just few weeks ago, Jassey was lobbying to be hired State House Press Director. He has been telling President Barrow that he should replace Amie Bojang Sissoho. He is interested in Amie’s post because of the per diem travel benefits associated with that  position.

It is against CAF and FIFA policy for officials of national football federations to meddle into politics. Jassey should be disavowed for his unprofessional remarks. He is a secret wild snake, who is capable of biting innocent Gambians. Join us to expose this villain.

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