Harmonization of Policy with Senegal in the Fight against the Coronavirus


Harmonization of Policy with Senegal in the Fight against the Coronavirus.

Given the fact that Senegal and Gambia are geographically tied together, it would make sense to harmonize our interventions in the fight against the Coronavirus. Although we are separate sovereign countries but in these times it is survival that matters. Let the two heads of state and Governments consult at every level and adopt policies and interventions together. For the purposes of this epidemic and any other health challenge for that matter, the two countries can not afford to act separately and the same goes for security. There are lessons to learn from the current global crises and we should make the World learn from what GAMBIA and SENEGAL can do together. As the saying goes ‘If Gambia and Senegal cannot integrate then ECOWAS integration will remain a dream never come true’
President Sal and President Barrow, we need one intervention team to lead the fight for both countries. Let us show the World a new technique and approach. The Coronavirus has thought us that boundaries are irrelevant in these circumstances. I am not sure if Geographically there are any two sovereignties like Gambia and Senegal. May be Italy and the Vatican.
The recent decree by President Barrow to ask none essential Government workers to stay at home is welcomed but not enough. It should be followed by closure of none essential business or at least shorten their opening hours and to impose a curfew. If 1.3 billion Indians are ask to stay home why not 2 million Gambians and 15 million Senegalese.
It is time to make a trade off between individual liberty and public survival.

From a concerned Citizen

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