Covid-19: Where Is The Gambia’s Vice President? In The Fight Against Covid-19, We Need All Hands On Deck


Dear Mr. Mbai,

Kindly allow me to register my deepest concern about the inconspicuous role the country’s VP has taken in our collective fight against the Coronavirus.  Instead of being at the forefront of this fight, she is literally at the back seat abdicating her responsibility as the leader of government as well as her obligation to provide the necessary support to the country’s president who lacks the necessary experience to lead the fight in this major public health issue.
Given her many years working at institutions that were involved in major public health issues, some times leading the crusade against the proliferation of FGM and related health matters, Isatou Touray should have been at the forefront of this fight; mobilizing resources, coordinating the activities of the task force teams at the various health facilities fighting the virus, and providing the necessary support to the president. But instead, her continuous absence from the limelight is fueling many rum ours that she is more preoccupied with travel per diems than anything else.
She has the record of being the most paid traveling government official when she was a trade minister. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the travel ban has seriously affected her work especially matters touching on the OIC preparations. She hardly spent a week in her office when she was the trade minister.
But as VP she should step up the plate and take leadership in the battle to contain the virus and save Gambian lives. Somebody told me that former VP Njie Saidy would have done a better job than Dr. Isatou Touray who is now preoccupied with politics and her obsession with unnecessary traveling to gather as much per diem as possible to support her when she finally decides to seek the highest office in the country again.
She should take the lead in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic even if there are no per diem or allowance payments involved. Sometimes you are required to serve selflessly and help humanity.  Barring her blinded loyalty to former president Jammeh, Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy would have done a better job than her. Our country is in dire need of leadership!
A Concerned Citizen
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