Gambia: RSM Jeng Claims Omar Faye Ran Away From A Battlefield With An Unknown Illness


Gambia’s Defense Minister Sheikh Omar Faye abandoned his men in uniform during the Liberian decade long war, according to Baboucarr Jeng, a former Regimental Sergeant Major in Gambia’s Armed Forces. Faye, a former Army Major, left Liberia, claiming that he was sick. He was admitted at the Westfield clinic. Faye never reported to the army on his home return. He was treated and discharged from the hospital. Faye wouldn’t report to work after his hospital discharge.

According to Jeng, Faye, was demoted, and later discharged from the army. He was cited for abandoning his command post in Liberia, thereby endangering his troops.

Faye was later reinstated into the army despite his AWOL from war. This was possible because of the strong connections he had in the former Jawara administration.

Interestingly, and shockingly, Faye was reinstated into the army without the knowledge of his boss Colonel Ndow Njie. Njie felt being marginalized and undermined by the corrupt political elites who were running the country at the time.

Consequently,  Colonel Njie, decided to resign from the army.  Njie believed that Faye’s conduct was not only treacherous, but  betrayal of trust, said Jeng. Njie couldn’t understand why a coward and traitor like Faye, should be reinstated, when he had abandoned his men in the battlefield.

Njie was replaced by Major Modou Gaye. Gaye was later redeployed to Liberia. On his home return, he was moved to the Customs and Excise Department. Major Mbaba Jobe later became the Army Commander.

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