Army Spokesman Major Lamin Sanyang has said that The Gambia Armed Forces is not going to condone any act of sexual harassment or fraternization perpetrated by members of the force, Freedom Newspaper can report. Major Sanyang was reacting to a piece published by this medium, in which the GAM-Coy 22 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Yerro NA Jallow, has been accused of having sexual intercourse with his subordinate female soldiers in Darfur, Sudan.

“I saw the story. If there is anything about it, I am sure it will be investigated, and very serious measures would be taken because we do not condone such behavior. We call it fraternization in the armed forces and that is a serious misconduct. I am sure if it happened, serious measures will be taken against anyone that is found wanting,” Sanyang said.

Major Sanyang could not independently confirm the sexual allegations that have been brought against Lt. Colonel Yerro Jallow.

“No, but what I can confirm is that, the current Chief of Defense Staff Major General Yankuba Drammeh, did talked about it; he has zero tolerance for such misconduct, and he stressed how repugnant that is and that anyone that is found wanting will not be spared,” Sanyang told me in a phone conversation on Saturday.

“It is an abomination in the armed forces. Officers cannot fraternize with their subordinates; that’s uncalled for; it will affect the command and control of the men,” he added.

Story Background

The Contingent Commander of the Gambia’s United Nations Peacekeepers stationed in Darfur, Sudan, has been named in a sexual harassment, and fraternization scandal, Freedom Newspaper has just been reliably informed by insiders at Gambia’s Defense Headquarters in Banjul. Lieutenant Colonel Yerro NA Jallow, is the commander of the Gam-Coy 22 Contingent.  He has been accused of dating and having sex with female soldiers, who are part of his contingent. Three female soldiers have been identified as Jallow’s alleged victims.

The information we received from Banjul is sensitive. The full report would be published in coming hours.

Yerro NA Jallow, is said to be an alcoholic. He has started retaliating. He is not getting along well with his deputy one Major Sedia Danso. He recently had an altercation with Danso in Darfur. They nearly exchange blows, according to GAF insiders in Banjul.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Mariama Sonko, has been moved to a town located in Al Fasha, in Darfur. She was moved together with her orderly Fatou Manjang.

Her transfer happened in the wake of the sexual fraternization scandal against officer Jallow; Defense Headquarters insiders have revealed.

Lt. Colonel Mariama Sonko and Sergeant Mary Sambou are said to be close friends. SGT. Mary Sarmbou, and Lt. Colonel Mariama Sonko, are aware of  the sexual allegations against their commander Yerro Jallow, GAF sources have revealed. Hence, Jallow has decided to separate the two friends.

The name of Captain Tairou Sambou, a GAF Finance Officer, currently stationed  in Darfur, has also came up during the sexual harassment scandal, rocking that Gambian army contingent. Sambou has also been accused of socializing with one of the female soldiers.

The full story is coming later. Stay tuned.

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