Melvin Roberts Pays Tribute To The Late Rev Willy E. E. CARR


Rev Willy E. E. CARR- I have known him for as long as i have been in conscious existence. I have had the rare privilege of knowing him as a father figure, my teacher / Vice principal/ Principal, my Reverend Minister and lately an even deeper friendship that stemmed from such a colourful journey.

A kind, humble and down to earth man. One who never gave up on me even though i gave him plenty of reasons to do so. When things were tough and i just couldn’t be controlled, he had his ways of reversing my state of mind. He would invite me into his office to participate in his daily work routine which mostly required me to assist him neatly arrange his office.

In July, 2018 i was invited by the Bishop of the Methodist Mission, Her Lordship, Rev Hannah Caroline Faal Heim to give a motivational talk on my life experiences and how i was able to surmount many of the challenges that i had experienced growing up to an audience of about 250 Methodist Youths from all over The Gambia. I was introduced to the audience of mainly young people by the late Rev. Willy Carr and his words describing our relationship and journey throughout the years brought me to tears. It was indeed a moment of pride and deep satisfaction to hear him describe me as part of the smartest and selfless students he has had a privilege to mentor but quick to add that the most stubborn as well which brought laughter to the entire church.

Rev Carr went on to tell the audience about how in Assembly meetings where the whole school would gather every morning, he would mostly end his speeches with the words ” from Christine Cole to Melville Roberts” meaning from the best to the most troublesome🤣🤣 ( Christine Cole was my batch mate who was smart, quiet and very focused; Melville was smart, stubborn, never in class and was always in some trouble with teachers be it submission of late assignments or skipping classes with Roza Perry just to go read a novel somewhere. He ended that narration amidst much laughter from the audience by quickly adding that the irony of it all was that every year during speech and prize giving ceremonies, i always manged to end up on the podium with Christine Green by my side to receive our prizes for outstanding academic performances. He just couldnt figure out how it happend he added.( iv attached some pictures of GHS speech and Prize Giving day).

Rev Carr was frank, honest, dedicated, friendly and always willing to be of help in whatever way he could. He was a loving husband and father but above everything else, an astute and upright man of God. He has lived a very fruitful and colourful life. A life worthy of emulation. He has fought the good fight and has finished the race. May God almighty grant his soul perfect and eternal peace and may he continually rest in the presence of God almighty.

Thank you Rev Willy E. E. Carr for everything you have done for me and for your contribution in making me the person i am today. Your legacy will live on. Journey on comrade and claim the victors crown. Adieu Teacher, Adieu Rev.Father, Adieu Friend.

Melville Robertson Roberts

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