Controversy continues to surround the fate of Bamba Mass, the disgraced Gambian diplomat, who was indicted by an Audit report for stealing over one million dalasis from The Gambian High Commission in London, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. While Bamba Mass has claimed that he had resigned from the High Commission, The Gambian government said Mr. Mass had been fired prior to his so-called resignation. Both the Foreign Ministry and the Personnel Management Office (PMO) have concurred that Mass had violated the terms and conditions of his employment and should be fired from his job.

According to reliable sources, Bamba Mass, has been fired. It is not clear if The Gambian government is going to seek any extradition request from the British government to have him prosecuted in Banjul. But an official of The Gambian government told the Freedom Newspaper in a phone conversation that Mass is no longer working for the state.

Mr. Mass was said to have resigned after the authorities in Banjul had stopped his monthly salary. He was never accorded the usual one-month salary in lieu of notice.

Mass was shocked to learn that no money was deposited into his account in the month of April. He even contacted the High Commission’s Accountant, but he was told that his name had been remove from the payroll. Essentially, Mass, was fired without any formal notice from Banjul.

Dissatisfied with the government’s move, Mass resorted to resigning from the administration. He took on Facebook on Wednesday, where he condescendingly announced his departure from the government.

“Alhamdulillah Rabil Alamin x 3 Oh Allah thank you! Freedom has no equal walahi,” Mass wrote.

In a subsequent posting Mass remarked: “ Koni Edward Snowden.” He has self-styled himself as Gambia’s Edward Snowden. One of his followers had asked him to change his Pseudo name, because he thinks that Snowden was a traitor.

Mass spent hours on Facebook on Wednesday, throwing jab at his former employer—The Gambian government. He is ready to wage a fight against the regime through his voice.

The UDP Facebook brigade on Facebook had wasted no time in welcoming Bamba Mass back home. They are expecting Mass to make disturbing revelations against the Barrow regime.

When contacted for comment, Saikou Ceesay, a Communication Officer at the Foreign Ministry, referred us to the Personnel Management Office (PMO) for details on Bamba Mass’s case. Ceesay said the PMO is the appropriate Department that should be contacted because the institution handles the hiring and firing of government officials.

An audit report conducted by Gambia’s Internal Audit Department, has cited Mass for grand theft against The Gambian government. Mass has been accused of using his position as Protocol Officer, at The Gambian Mission in London, to prepare fake lease papers, falsifying his monthly rent, over billing the government with dubious rent expenses, among others.

Mass has denied the allegations. He in turn accuses the government of owing him money. Mass never resigned at the peak of the stealing allegations against him. He stayed on the job, until his salary was stopped.

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