Are We Changing for the better?


Are We Changing for the better?

It proved a great challenge for the comprehensive change Gambians seek since 2016. Moreover, the Barrow administration faces all challenges of modern Government.Balancing individual and collective desires in political challenge thus breaking the
Coalition agreement. Balancing the juridical and sociological perspective as a fairness challenge in the case of Hon. Ya Kumba Jaiteh. The embeddedness of public choices and
events in the layers of meaning and understanding seen the failure of the National Development Plan (NDP).The embeddedness of public choices and events in the layers of time during this covid-19 pandemic.

President Barrow administration lacks coherent strategy, capacity to diagnose the departmental weaknesses and worst of all wrong political advisers. These resulted in a
drift of mission for the desired change with the opportunist type of change agents. The Gambia needs a Transformational leadership with vision and ready for change.

The Government need to be realistic in its objectives and ensure a merit base system that have capability and capacity to deliver with knowledge and wisdom to avoid such utterance as stated by the vice president recently during the rice offload at the McCarthy
Square, Banjul . Vice President Touray disclosed the ineptitude of her government and narrow mindedness by not engaging technical logistics and wider job creation for the
youths, not to lift heavy bags of rice which impacts on individual health
“ Kulen Juron Yerem len”.

Hon. Minister of Finance Njie and his colleague Hon. Samateh the Health Minister in their recent debacles at the National Assembly indicates the disintegration between the Ministries and their fiscal indiscipline that affects the Gambian Public in this difficult time beside the red tape with no anti-corruption and transparency in the Public Finance Management.

The Gambia do not need big government, but big brains who thinks big, have the political will to improve Socioeconomic status of the motherland Gambia.

MC Cham JNR,
GDC National Youth President .

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