Gambia: Darboe Says Don’t Debate Brikama Debacle!


Gambia: Darboe Says Don’t Debate Brikama Debacle!

Editor Mbai,

My Gambian Mandela’s “Achilles heel” is the same as that of Mandiba Mandela himself:- even after Nelson Mandela had heroically got rid of Apartheid, he insisted to his dying day that his first loyalty was to the ANC. That stance has been disastrous for South Africa as the massive ANC CORRUPTION and “State Capture” has brought that great country to its knees.

On the Brikama Chairmanship debacle of nearly two weeks ago, this is all Lawyer Darboe has had to say – and only to his party the UDP:-

I am sure some people want to take the issue of Brikama Area Council in a way that is completely unnecessary and uncalled for. We have taken a decision and upon reflection we have rescinded that decision and whatever we do is in the best interest of the UDP. I want to assure every one of you that we will not do or act in any way that would not be in the interest of the party. I want to urge you to leave the matter with the executive of the party”.

The Brikama Debacle is not just a UDP issue. It is a national issue. Lawyer Darboe could be the next President of The Gambia, so the mess the UDP made over the Brikama Chairmanship issue is an all-Gambian issue. This is because Gambia could see the same mess repeated in the running of the country. In this situation Lawyer Darboe should have been open with all Gambians, and simply explained what went wrong and how it would be fixed.

Similarly with the issue of CORRUPTION that is destroying The Gambia and Africa. Nelson Mandela would not utter a word to condemn his beloved ANC as “the ANC Black Boers” turned themselves into billionaires overnight. Mandela’s loyalty to the ANC had grave consequences for the country.

In The Gambia last week Lawyer Darboe was talking about the “rampant corruption” in the New Gambia; but Foreign Minister Darboe and Vice-President Darboe did not utter a word about corruption in the two years that the UDP under him held power.

I am afraid Editor Mbai, Lawyer Darboe’s two year stint in power as Gambia’s De-Facto President has left me with a sour taste of cynicism, as does his call to people not to debate the Brikama Chairmanship Debacle.

Dida Halake.

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