If Manjang remains at the SSHFC, the housing department will die because he has his own estate company called Solid Property, which he will use to scout land for SSHFC and then use his business to acquire it. He has a Corporate cabal that he deals with directly leaving other directors in the dark.

He also has a corporate minion frame disciplinary committee that are responsible for the victimization of staff, who refused ass licking of Manjang’s botched administration.

Since the departure of the Aisha Bayo, there is no progress report submitted to the office. He is always prepared to purge at all the staff, who stood against his unjust administration using flimsy excuses. The guy is just callous to the core and has no empathy for his junior staff.

Imagine a junior staffer, who was denied a building supplement of 75,000.00 but the same Manjang was very happy to disburse over 800,000.00 to his hired former Facebook defender Mama Linguerre Sarr and his keyboard warrior Yankuba E. Manneh. He employed Mama and Yankuba to senior positions, which they do not deserve.

Mama Linguerre has no master’s degree and before her employment there are three master’s holders in the department, they were all trained by the SSHFC. Manjang never bothered to promote them. He instead hired Mama to be their boss.

The man is very heartless as he continues to threaten the staffs of retrenchment in the name of capacity building, when he is paving way for his cronies with the aim of creating a clique in his management to silent his critics.

Mama Linguerre Sarr’s qualification must be scrutinized thoroughly as she cannot take independent decision alone but has to seek Manjang’s blessings before implementing any administration decision. She hasn’t yet submitted her master’s degree qualification and on several occasions, she has been asked to submit it. Even though she is being paid master’s degree allowance.

SSHFC has moved from class C category to A without Manjang. Anybody who thinks that Manjang is the only Gambian qualified to manage the SSHFC, must be making the biggest mistake of the century.

Under the purview of Manjang, an undue allowance was paid to DMD Ansuman Touray D6000.00 per month for eleven months. When it becomes officially known, he brushed it under the carpet.

Paul Correa, the senior Human Resource Manager, has been receiving an undue professional allowance by allegedly using false certificate since his employment at social security in 2000. This was once detected by one Saikou Sanneh, the one-time Internal Auditor at SSHFC. He now works at the G T S C as an Audit Manager.

Manjang was fully aware of the mal-administrative practice but he never acted on it to regularize it, because he allegedly uses Paul Correa to get his critics sacked. This Paul Correa is an enemy of progress to anyone, who wants to shine in the corporation. He always exhausts his evil barn to suppress staff when they have chances to trainings and overseas trips.

Paul is retiring by December and must be investigated prior to his retirement so that he can pay back to the state coffer the alleged fraudulent professional allowance he has been enjoying since he started work at SSHFC.

Mama Linguere Sarr had brought in a guy who value the vehicles and she get a … from it as the guy is paid retainership. The guy was in Sweden with Mama Linguere. This is a waste of pensioners funds and broad daylight robbery.

Mama Linguere is the acting DMD and signing all the cheques while DMD Ansu Touray is on leave. Jain and rest of the Snr. Directors are side-lined. Claims of Ansu Touray having been paying himself more than 6000 Dalasi board allowance for 11 months.

Manjang confidential Secretary Rohey Colley is going to be 60 years in December 2020 and all staff retiring this year are given letter except Rohey Colley, because she is Mama Linguere’s mother in the office which is pure favouritism and waste of the pensioners fund, as all staff at 60 years should go on retirement.

The paramilitary guarding Manjang is a civil servant. He is receiving two salaries: one from central government and the other from the SSHFC. The SSHFC was paying him salary. He is not a staffer of the SSHFC. Manjang was wasting the pensioners fund throughout his reign by paying the paramilitary guarding him.

After serving his corporate cabal with all sorts of loan, he used the myopic loan committee headed by Paul Correa to come up with a nasty botched management directive by distorting the 50/50 vehicle loan policy to suppress the would be beneficiaries from getting what they got.

Please find attached a management emission for your consumption. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further clarifications over the loan committee recommendation.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

Editor’s note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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